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If you do not know the name of the high cost credit provider, this box can be left blank. The list of potential results can also be limited by using the other search options available. Options are provided for Interest Rate, min and/or max APR, Cost of Credit per €100 borrowed and/or term of loan.

If you are concerned about the activities of a high cost credit provider or you suspect that a firm may be engaged in the business of illegal high cost credit provision i.e. high cost credit provision without authorisation, check to see if we have issued the firm a high cost credit providers licence by clicking on the following link Register. Please email highcostcredit@centralbank.ie with any concerns you might still have having reviewed the High Cost Credit Providers Register.

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‘Please note that High Cost Credit Providers which only offer ‘running account’ products will not appear in search results below. For a comprehensive list of all authorised High Cost Credit Providers, please refer to the Register of High Cost Credit Providers.

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