Search Tips

Types of Search
The Central Bank of Ireland Registers search facility has been sub-divided into searches for financial service providers and searches for collective investment schemes. This will result in quicker search times and fewer results being returned. Common terms such as "Company" and "Limited" and variations thereof are omitted from searches.

Financial Service Providers
The search facility on the Central Bank of Ireland Registers is designed to search through both the legal names and trading names of the financial service providers. If you know the name or partial name of a financial service provider and wish to check if it is included on a register, you simply type its name into the box provided. The complete name is not required.

Collective Investment Schemes
This facility allows you to search for and check the status of collective investment schemes. Alternatively if you know the name of the trustee or management company to the collective investment scheme you can search for them using the facility provided.

High Cost Credit Providers
Cost of credit is calculated by expressing the total interest amount charged to the consumer as a percentage of the amount of the loan. For example, if a consumer borrowed €100 and had to repay a total of €120, including interest, the cost of credit per €100 is 20%. APR: means Annual Percentage Rate and is the annual rate of interest you will be charged on a loan. It takes account of all the costs involved over the term of the loan. You can use the APR to compare different loans, as long as you compare them over the same term, for example, 52 week loans. Users can search for products within a certain interest rate range using the ‘Interest Rate’ search functionality.

Individual Registers
If you are looking for a particular type of financial service provider in a certain geographical location please go to and open the register for that financial service provider (e.g. Register of Investment Business Firms for Multi-Agency Intermediaries) and use the search tool (binoculars located in the tool bar at top of page) to enter in the key address detail, e.g. the name of the town.

Search Filters
Filters are provided to enable you to narrow the range of searches peformed. If you know the financial service provider you are looking for is a bank, select 'Credit Institution' from the business area filter provided. This reduces the search range to Credit Institutions only and ensures that any other non credit institution providers with similar names are not returned. Filters are also provided for the Collective Investment Scheme, Payment Service Agent and Moneylender searches.

Widen the Search Criteria
If you do not find the entity you are looking for initially a few steps can be taken to widen the search criteria. If you selected a type or sub type from the dropdown box reset the dropdown box to "ALL" types and try again. If you used multiple words in your search string, remove some words, searching for the most unique/recognisable part of the entity name if possible.

Technical Details
At least three characters must be entered to perform a search. If a selection is made from one of the filter dropdowns a blank search is allowed.