Collective Investment Scheme Register Data


The unit trust listed below is a scheme which is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland under section 4 of the Unit Trusts Act, 1990.

Authorised Unit Trust                           
Name: BB Unit Trust Ireland Reference No: C58191   Date of Authorisation 02 Jun 2010 Status: Unit Trust Scheme   Notes:  - This fund may be marketed to Qualifying Investors only in accordance with the Central Bank of Ireland’s AIF Rulebook/NU Notices and therefore a minimum subscription of Euro 100,000 is required.  - This fund was authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as an open-ended investment fund.   AIFM: Reference Number Name C47430 KBA Consulting Management Limited   Management Company: Reference Number Name     Depositary: Reference Number Name C27382 BNP Paribas Securities Services Dublin Branch   Sub-Funds: Reference No: Name Date of Approval C58193 BB Fixed Income II Fund 02 Jun 2010 C134212 BB Balanced Fund IV 30 Sep 2014 C160470 BB Global Equity Fund 29 Sep 2016 C160471 BB Global Fixed Income Fund 29 Sep 2016 C160472 BB Brazil Fixed Income Fund 29 Sep 2016 C422571 BB Global Commodities Directional Fund 19 Feb 2020 C451350 BB Allocation Balance Fund 06 Apr 2021
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