Collective Investment Scheme Register Data


The Designated Investment Company listed below is a variable capital investment company which provides facilities for the direct or indirect participation by the public and which is authorised under section 256 (5) of the Companies Act, 1990, Part XIII.

Approved sub-fund of a Designated Investment Company
Name: Apollo Conviction Fund Reference No: C462519   Date of Approval 26 Aug 2021 Status: ICAV Sub-Fund   Notes:  - This sub-fund was approved by the Central Bank of Ireland as an open-ended with limited liquidity investment fund.   AIFM: Reference Number Name       Management Company: Reference Number Name     Depositary: Reference Number Name C27382 BNP Paribas Securities Services Dublin Branch   Umbrella Fund: Reference No: Name Authorisation Date C154891 Apollo Credit Funds ICAV 08 Aug 2016
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