Collective Investment Scheme Register Data


The Designated Investment Company listed below is a variable capital investment company which provides facilities for the direct or indirect participation by the public and which is authorised under section 256 (5) of the Companies Act, 1990, Part XIII.

Authorised Designated Investment Company       
Name: Crown Alpha plc Reference No: C37180   Date of Authorisation 22 Nov 2007 Status: Authorised Designated Investment Co.   Notes:  - This fund may be marketed to Qualifying Investors only in accordance with the Central Bank of Ireland’s AIF Rulebook/NU Notices and therefore a minimum subscription of Euro 100,000 is required.  - This fund was authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as an umbrella investment fund which may comprise open-ended and/or closed-ended and/or open-ended with limited liability sub-funds.  - This fund was authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as an open-ended investment fund.   AIFM: Reference Number Name C39681 LGT Capital Partners (Ireland) Limited   Management Company: Reference Number Name     Depositary: Reference Number Name C27382 BNP Paribas Securities Services Dublin Branch   Sub-Funds: Reference No: Name Date of Approval C47512 Crown Alternative Invest Sub-Fund 22 Nov 2007 C49987 Crown Fusion Sub-Fund 20 Jun 2008 C52084 LGT Crown Managed Futures Sub-Fund 30 Mar 2009 C100621 Crown Managed Strategies I Sub-Fund 24 Aug 2012 C110839 LGT Crown Alpha Sub-Fund 23 Nov 2012 C142719 LGT Crown Emerging Markets Sub-Fund 20 Jul 2015 C142720 LGT Crown Global Macro Sub-Fund 20 Jul 2015 C142721 LGT Crown Equity Long/Short Sub-Fund 20 Jul 2015 C142722 LGT Crown Corporate Activity Sub-Fund 20 Jul 2015 C142723 LGT Crown Relative Value Sub-Fund 20 Jul 2015 C154079 Crown PepperPeaches Sub-Fund 20 May 2016 C155471 Crown Rivora Managed Futures Sub-Fund 14 Jun 2016 C156893 LGT Castle Sub-Fund 03 Aug 2016 C181729 Crown Tre Sub-Fund 30 May 2018 C402182 LGT Multi-Alternatives Sub-Fund 04 Nov 2019 C447631 LGT Multi-Alternatives (Global) Sub-Fund 16 Feb 2021
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