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The investment business firm listed below is authorised as Investment Firm under Regulation 8 (3) and deemed authorised under Regulation 5 (2) of the Statutory Instrument No. 375/2017 European Union (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2017

MiFID Investment Firm
Name: Conexim Advisors Limited Reference No: C90996 Trading Name: Conexim/Conexim Platform Services/Conexim Advisor Support & Solutions Address: (Principal Business Address) 97 Haddington Road Dublin 4         Authorisation Date: 28 Dec 2012 Revocation Date:   Client Money Rules : No Revocation Reason:     Business Services: Investment Services 1.1. Receiving/transmitting orders 1.4. Portfolio management 1.5. investment advice Ancillary Services 2.4. Foreign exchange services 2.5. Research and financial analysis Investment Business Services (IIA) (f) deposit agent/broker   Financial Instruments: Financial Instruments 1. Transferable securities 2. Money market instruments 3. Units in collective investment undertakings 9. Financial CFDs 4. Derivs re: secs/ccys/IRYs/EAs phys/cash settled 5. Derivatives re: commodities - settled in cash 6. Derivs re: comms – TOTV, phys settled (ex WEPs) 10. Derivs re: CVs, FRs, IRs, ESs Investment Instruments (IIA) (kk) tracker bond (m) Insurance Policies (n) PRSAs   Other Jurisdictions: Country Basis of Establishment Malta Freedom Of Service   Tied Agents:
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