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The investment business firm listed below is authorised as Investment Firm under Regulation 8 (3) and deemed authorised under Regulation 5 (2) of the Statutory Instrument No. 375/2017 European Union (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2017

MiFID Investment Firm
Name: Conexim Advisors Limited Reference No: C90996 Trading Name: Conexim/Conexim Platform Services/Conexim Advisor Support & Solutions Address: (Principal Business Address) 97 Haddington Road Dublin 4         Authorisation Date: 28 Dec 2012 Revocation Date:   Client Money Rules : No Revocation Reason:     Business Services: Investment Services 1.1. Receiving/transmitting orders 1.4. Portfolio management 1.5. investment advice Ancillary Services 2.4. Foreign exchange services 2.5. Research and financial analysis Investment Business Services (IIA) (f) deposit agent/broker   Financial Instruments: Financial Instruments 1. Transferable securities 2. Money market instruments 3. Units in collective investment undertakings 9. Financial CFDs 4. Derivs re: secs/ccys/IRYs/EAs phys/cash settled 5. Derivatives re: commodities - settled in cash 6. Derivs re: comms – TOTV, phys settled (ex WEPs) 10. Derivs re: CVs, FRs, IRs, ESs Investment Instruments (IIA) (kk) tracker bond (m) Insurance Policies (n) PRSAs   Other Jurisdictions: Country Basis of Establishment Cyprus Freedom Of Service Germany Freedom Of Service Italy Freedom Of Service Malta Freedom Of Service Netherlands Freedom Of Service Portugal Freedom Of Service Spain Freedom Of Service   Tied Agents:
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