Financial Service Provider Register Data

The service provider to funds listed below, which can be either an administrator, trustee or management company, is authorised under the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 and/or approved under the relevant collective investment scheme legislation, as appropriate.

Service Provider to Funds
Name: Elavon Financial Services Designated Activity Company Reference No: C43558 Trading Name:   Address: (Head Office) Building 8 Cherrywood Business Park Loughlinstown Dublin 18 D18W319   Date of Authorisation: 07 Sep 2018 Status: Trustee to Funds   Fund Details: Name Status Date of Authorisation AGL Credit European Funds ICAV ICAV 19 Nov 2021 AXOVISION UCITS ICAV UCITS ICAV 24 Feb 2022 Catalyst International UCITS ICAV UCITS ICAV 16 Dec 2021 CVP Credit Value Fund (Europe) V, ILP Investment Limited Partnership 10 May 2021 Cygnus Alternative Feeder Funds ICAV ICAV 23 Dec 2016 Cygnus Alternative Master Funds ICAV ICAV 23 Dec 2016 Cygnus UCITS Funds UCITS 2003 Unit Trust 13 Feb 2015 Iguana Investments ICAV UCITS ICAV 22 Feb 2021 Kinnerton Mortgage Funds plc Authorised Designated Investment Co. 14 Sep 2011 Leadenhall Remote Risk Insurance Linked Investments Fund ICAV ICAV 06 Dec 2017 Leadenhall UCITS ILS Fund plc UCITS 2003 Investment Company 16 Dec 2015 Odey Irish Feeder ICAV ICAV 30 Oct 2015 Odey Master ICAV ICAV 30 Oct 2015
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