Financial Service Provider Register Data

The service provider to funds listed below, which can be either an administrator, trustee or management company, is authorised under the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 and/or approved under the relevant collective investment scheme legislation, as appropriate.

Service Provider to Funds
Name: Davy Global Fund Management Limited Reference No: C26414 Trading Name:   Address: (Head Office) Davy House 49 Dawson Street Dublin 2         Date of Authorisation: 22 Jul 2014 Status: AIFM Authorised Activities: Collective Portfolio Management Individual Portfolio Manager   Fund Details: Name Status Date of Authorisation Davy Asset Management Select Portfolio Unit Trust Scheme 22 Dec 2000 Davy Property Trust Unit Trust Scheme 17 Jun 2015 First Eagle Funds (Ireland) ICAV UCITS ICAV 13 May 2021 IPM UCITS Umbrella ICAV UCITS ICAV 21 Nov 2018 Rize UCITS ICAV UCITS ICAV 22 Jan 2020 Skyline Umbrella Fund ICAV UCITS ICAV 06 Jul 2010
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