Financial Service Provider Register Data


The insurance or reinsurance intermediary listed below is registered as an insurance/reinsurance intermediary under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations, 2005 (as amended).

Insurance, Reinsurance or Ancillary Insurance Intermediary
Name: Wealth Alliance Limited Reference No: C120055 Trading Name:   Address: (Principal Business Address) Columba House Airside Swords Dublin     Registered As: Insurance Intermediary Registered On: 07 Nov 2013   Countries Passporting to:- Country Basis of Establishment Spain Freedom Of Service   Tied Agency:- * In the Insurance Distribution Register Tied Insurance Intermediaries are persons who undertake insurance mediation for and on behalf of one or more insurance undertakings in the case of insurance products that are not in competition.   Persons Responsible:- ** Persons in the management structure of a firm who are responsible for the insurance/reinsurance mediation business.  Please note this is not applicable to sole trader firms (as the sole trader is responsible for all the business) Name Brenda Rogan
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