Financial Service Provider Profile

This page lists what status a financial service provider has with the Central Bank of Ireland. For further information, click on the relevant link.

Name: Peter Reilly Reference No: C8214 Trading Name: Peter Reilly Financial Services   Entity Type Description
Insurance, Reinsurance or Ancillary Insurance Intermediary Registered as an insurance, reinsurance or ancillary insurance intermediary under the European Union (Insurance Distribution) Regulations, 2018.
Investment Business Firm (Investment Intermediaries - Deemed RAIPI) Firms deemed to be authorised as Investment Intermediaries (Restricted Activity Investment Product Intermediary) pursuant to Section 26 of the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 (as amended)
Investment Product Intermediary Service Providers  holding appointments from IIA product producers, including intermediaries that may issue appointments, appearing in the register maintained under Section 31 of the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 (as amended)